Plaque Slogan Ideas

They are just a bit of fun. Choose your own words - a silly slogan perhaps! Nothing too long as it's only a 6 inch Plaque.
We have put some examples here for you: 

Happy Mothers Day xxx
Worlds Best Mum xx
Worlds Greatest Mum
Beats Working!
Gone Fishing! 
Welcome to our Garden
Welcome to our Patch
Love my Garden
Love our Garden
Welcome Friends
Nan's Garden
Grandad's Garden
Mum's Garden
Mum & Dad's Retreat
Nan & Grandad's Place
Daisy's Patch
Bob & Sheila's Garden
Chelsea Boy
Liverpool Boy 
Happy 30th Birthday
Happy Anniversary
Thyme Well Spent
Every Birdy Welcome...
If Mums were Flowers I'd Pick You
If Friends were Flowers Weed Pick You!
Love you to the Moon and Back!
My Happy Place!
Welcome to the Seedy Side of Town!
Shh... The Bulbs are Sleeping!