• Handwritten Wooden Plaque

 You can add these Wooden handwritten screw-on plaques to any item in our range.
Designed for special occasions but can be used any time of year. The Plaques are Dark Green in Colour & Rectangular with SILVER lettering. Silver lasts so much longer than Gold.

They are just a bit of fun. Choose your own words - a silly slogan perhaps! Nothing too long as it's only a 6 inch Plaque!
We have put some examples here for you:
Happy Mothers Day xx as shown!  or Worlds Best Mum xx • Worlds Greatest Mum • Beats Working!
Gone Fishing! • Welcome to our Garden • Welcome to our Patch • Love my Garden • Love our Garden • Welcome Friends • Nan's Garden • Grandad's Garden • Mum's Garden • Mum & Dad's Retreat • Nan & Grandad's Place • Daisy's Patch • Bob & Sheila's Garden • Chelsea Boy • Liverpool Boy 
Happy 30th Birthday • Happy Anniversary • Thyme Well Spent • Every Birdy Welcome... "A book & a Garden is all you need!! "
If Mums were Flowers I'd Pick You • If Friends were Flowers Weed Pick You! • Love you to the Moon and Back! • My Happy Place! • Welcome to the Seedy Side of Town! • Shh... The Bulbs are Sleeping! " Shh! Genius Asleep!!

  • Width 15cms
  • Height 5cms

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Handwritten Wooden Plaque

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